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Dumont's catalogue is made up of over 3,200 different products, including tweezers and forceps for various specific sectors. You can view a selection of the many types of products that we manufacture below. For more information, please visit our online catalogue or contact us directly by email.

Straight tweezers

Replaceable tips tweezers

Curved and bent tweezers

Cutting tweezers

Reverse-action tweezers

Mini tweezers

Sharp-edged forceps

Tweezers with ESD coating

Tweezers with ESD casing

Extra fine tweezers

Tweezers for components

Wafer tweezers

Tweezers with coated handle

Fully coated tweezers

Tweezers with mirror finish tips

Ergonomic tweezers

Tweezer boxes

Assorted tweezers

Diamond tweezers

Eyebrow tweezers

Cosmetic Range

Eyelash extension tweezers

Tweezers with diamond coated tips